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When true Italian tradition comes to life, it seats at our tables! A family owned restaurant and pizzeria with the sole mission to introduce authentic and original Italian cuisine to the public. Come visit us and you won't need to go on vacation, because WE will bring Italy to you!

Our family moved from Southern Italy 3 years and a half ago. We are from a small town called San Giorgio, in the Gargano Peninsula. Authenticity and tradition permeate the land, matched by the fresh flavors that come from generation after generation of farmers and shepherds, who would only consume prime ingredients during their meals. Our mission is to bring those ingredients and flavors back to your taste buds. Southern Italian food is all we know, and we will transmit it to all those who come visit us to see what REAL Italian food is all about. We will bring Italy to you, directly on your table! We make our own pesto, every sauce, and even the mozzarella that goes on our pizza's. What we do not make, we import directly from Italy every week, to assure the highest level of freshness and flavor. On top of that, every recipe comes from our family. Hungry yet??